My 21 day fix extreme experience and progress

Before & afters

I just finished up my first round of the 21 day fix extreme.  I decided to go with the countdown to competition meal plan.  Was it hard? ABSOLUTELY!  Did I follow it 100%?  Absolutely NOT! The countdown to competition meal plan was definitely a learning experience for me.  It made me realize I definitely have some vices that I need to work on.  I LOVE wine, peanut butter and chocolate and I have a really hard time giving them up.

I had a few set-backs in the 21 days.  I had the stomach bug one day so I didn’t eat a single thing and then the next day I was so famished I had my husband get me a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.  That is definitely NOT on the extreme meal plan!!! My daughter Juliana also turned one and we had a big family party for her.  I was hoping I wouldn’t be tempted to drink wine but I decided to have a glass to celebrate and you know how that goes…1 glass turns into 3.

So I am proud of myself for trying the competition meal plan.  Could I have had better results if I stuck to the meal plan 100%… MOST DEFINITELY!!! But I know this is NOT a sustainable diet.  The next 3 weeks I will be sticking with the regular 21 day fix meal plan and then I will be trying out the competition meal plan again because I have fitness photos coming up the end of April.

I did NOT have a crazy transformation nor do I have the 6 pack I wanted.  But I did lose 1 pound and I lost a little under 3 inches.  I see a slight different in my body but nothing huge.  I see a tiny difference in my stomach and in my arms.  I still have a little while before I have to rock a bikini so hopefully I can get a few more ab muscles to pop out.  Not sure why I am so much tanner in my before pictures.. guess I should have gotten a spray tan for afters.  I think its just the lighting!!!

fix extreme progress photos

* Aim for progress NOT perfection!

If you haven’t tried the 21 day fix yet you absolutely MUST try it.  I have a quite a few fix challenge groups coming up in April both for the regular 21 day fix (includes treats) and 21 day fix extreme (NO treats).  This is the PERFECT program to get you bathing suit ready and I know I can help you achieve your goals in a challenge group.

Are you ready to get started and feel confident in your bathing suit this summer?!!!! Fill out the 21 day fix application below!




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