You aren’t a Beachbody Coach BECAUSE?????

You arent a Beachbody Coach BECAUSE??????

I became a beachbody coach in June 2014 and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Was I skeptical… ABSOLUTELY! Was I terrified I was going to fail… ABSOLUTELY! When I decided to jump on board as a coach I was at a point in my life where I didn’t really have any direction. I had just quit my teaching job to be a SAHM to my daughter Juliana. I felt a little lost because I wasn’t making my own money anymore, I was new Mom, and I wasn’t pursuing my health and fitness passion. After some research and talking the opportunity over with my husband we decided what did I have to lose by trying it out??? And I’m so happy I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give it a shot because it has been life changing!!!!

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 1. It’s a Scam -I can assure you Beachbody is NOT a scam, I have the paychecks to prove it.   There are so many MLM’s where the main objective is to sign up as many members to your team as possible. Beachbody is the exact opposite you get NOTHING from signing up a bunch of coaches. The only way you succeed as a BB coach is by helping your coaches succeed. You are literally paying it forward and you are working together as a team so they are successful. And in the process you are helping people live a healthier lifestyle!

2. You don’t want to “sell”– This was probably my BIGGEST concern. I didn’t even want to sell girl scout cookies when I was in middle school. I never want to come off as a salesperson. The great thing about Beachbody products is that they pretty much sell themselves. Beachbody spends millions of dollars on advertising so 99% of people have heard of Beachbody or they have heard of someone having success with Beachbody. Instead of “selling” products I share my story and the success my challengers are having. So many people need a great at home fitness program and they are going to order them anyway off an infomercial or off the website.   So wouldn’t you rather those people buy through someone they trust and then you put them in a challenge group and to help motivate them and keep them accountable. The challenge groups are KEY in helping your challengers succeed and honestly they are SO FUN!

3. You don’t have the perfect body– Many people assume that they wouldn’t be good at this job because they don’t have the perfect body. But if you are perfect NO ONE can relate to you. When I started with Beachbody I had about 10lbs of pregnancy weight that I still needed to lose. And I had a lot of success starting out with BB because I WASN’T at my goal weight. Think about it… if I started sharing my story about myself and I had a 6 pack a few months after having a baby that wouldn’t be realistic and NO ONE would have been able to relate to me. People want to watch a progression and they want to see your journey. They do NOT want to see your starting off point and then just the end result. You are relatable if you share your struggles as well!!!

4. You don’t have enough time– Do you watch TV at night or on the weekends? Do you scroll facebook or instagram? If you have time for those things you have time to be a BB coach. The majority of really successful coaches started having full time jobs and have 2-3 kids and a family. You make priorities, you dedicate 30 minutes a day on your business and a little more time on the weekends if you have it. Have you ever met someone who said they have SO much time on their hands they don’t know what to do with it???? I know I haven’t!!!

5It costs too much– The cost of becoming a Beachbody coach is what SOLD ME. When I found out it would cost me $40 the first month and $15.95 a month after to maintain my website, keep track of orders, inventory, deal with shipping and returns I was like SIGN ME UP. I looked into a number of different opportunities and most of which were franchises and would have cost me thousands of dollars. And there’s NO guarantee of success if I fork out thousands on a franchise. Plus I didn’t have thousands to fork out. If you buy a challenge pack (shakeology and fitness program) they waive your $40 fee. There is NO quota you have to meet every single month and if you decide the opportunity is NOT for you then you cancel, simple as that. My first month of coaching I made $100 more than my shakeology and I was very happy with that!

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6. You’re not a fitness or nutrition expert- You do NOT need to be a fitness or nutrition expert. Beachbody has some of the best trainers in the world (Autumn Calabrese, Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson) they are the experts. Every program comes with a detailed meal plan for challengers to follow. The Beachbody Coach online office has a detailed section that explains every program. Also you are on a team of other amazing coaches who have months or years of running challenge groups and working with different programs and they are always more than willing to help you with anything you need! If you have the desire to help people succeed that is all you NEED to become a Beachbody Coach!

7. Its a Fad!– I can pretty much guarantee that Health and Fitness are NOT going out of style anytime soon.  I LOVE what Beachbody stands for.  As a coach my goal is NOT to have as many people buy fitness programs and then NEVER talk to them again.  When they buy a fitness program I put them in a fitness challenge group to help support, motivate, and keep them accountable.  There are so many people that have started a fitness program and then STOPPED because they didn’t have a support system.  As a coach I am pushing my challengers every single day to push play and start eating better.  I can’t tell you how many people have thanked me for helping them live a healthier life.  I am teaching them tools to use to maintain their weightless!

8. Why would people want ME to be their coach – This is definitely something I struggled with in the beginning. I wasn’t confident in myself AT ALL. I started posting about my post partum weight loss journey and a lot of people could relate and they wanted to join me in challenges because they were relating to my struggles. I told ALL my challengers we were going to take this challenge together and I would be there the ENTIRE time for them if they had questions or concerns. I did NOT know everything and I certainly didn’t pretend too, but my challengers knew that I wasn’t going to give up on them and would be there supporting them 100% of the time.

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* If one of these reasons is why you aren’t a Beachbody coach, and you are considering the opportunity please fill out the coach application below. I’d love to discuss this amazing opportunity with you and see if it’s a good fit.


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