A day in the life (21 DFX)

I am almost 1 week into the 21 day fix extreme competition meal plan and I definitely see results already.  I will share my 1 week progress pictures/measurements/weights later this week.  But, looking at the meal plan I thought I would have a really hard time with the competition meal plan days, but I surprisingly like them because I get to eat a decent amount of food.  I get 6 proteins on those days and the first day I definitely ate 4 of those proteins by 1 PM because thought I would have a hard time fitting them all in and I would be stuffed.  But the opposite has actually happened Im starving by the time I need my next protein.  This definitely has shown me that I probably wasn’t eating enough protein before.  I look forward to my Extreme meal plan days because I get to add my banana and avocados back in.  Having the banana in my shakeo is the best part of my day!!!

Here is what my schedule has looked like as far as eating goes:

Tuesday/Wednesday- Competition Meal Plan

Thursday- Extreme Meal Plan

Friday/Saturday- Competition Meal Plan

Sunday- Extreme Meal Plan

Monday- Competition Meal Plan

Heres what my first week meal plan looked liked for competition and extreme meal plan. Definitely will switch it up week 2 so I don’t get too bored.  But I’m a creature of habit and don’t really mind eating the same thing everyday.  But I know if I do this for 3 weeks I may never look at some of these foods every again 😉



On Monday I did a TON of meal prep!

– boiled a bunch of eggs

– made veggie and egg protein muffins

– made a bagged chicken

– turkey meet with veggies

– baked a few sweet potatoes


On competition days I have been eating 2 hardboiled eggs with some coffee when I wake up then I have my shakeo!

IMG_4140    IMG_4132


Then I would have my egg/veggie protein muffins! (I might never look at another egg after the 21 days)


Lunch was usually turkey meat either in peppers or a paleo wrap and some sweet potato wedges occasionally!


Then my last protein before dinner was either leftovers from the night before or I would have a red of chicken!


For dinner throughout the week I made cod, salmon, and some pork chops and a baked sweet potato if I didn’t eat one at lunchtime!

IMG_4165 IMG_4156 IMG_4181


As for the extreme meal plan days.  I made sure I did NOT eat any eggs at all.  I only need 4 proteins so thats a nice break, Im able to add a banana into my shake,  I add avocados to a salad or chicken, and I get an orange container of nuts.  If everyday was a competition meal plan day I don’t know if I would be able to make it the 21 days but having that one Extreme Meal plan day after 2 competition meal plan days makes it so much easier!!!

Can’t wait to see where I am after the 21 days!!!! 1 week results coming soon!!!!

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