Why I drink Shakeology!

I’ll be the first to admit I was SUPER skeptical about shakeology at first.  When I ordered P90x3 back in June 2014 and saw I could get the shakeology to go along with it.  I saw the price of P90x3 and the price if I ordered both (challenge pack).  I thought to myself “I make my own shake in the morning, theres no way it could be that much better!” I don’t need the shakeology right now.  Fast forward a few weeks later I signed up to be a coach and decided to give shakeology a try.

The first day I drank shakeology I thought Wow this is really good, easy to make and I can get my chocolate fix in the morning.  About a week later I felt better, had more energy, and woke up craving shakeology every morning! But this was the least of its benefits for me.  I have been suffering from a severe gluten allergy for years and I battled with constant bloating and constipation.  The only thing that seemed to ease my suffering was probiotic pills.  So I started taking 2-3 a day.  DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH GOOD PROBIOTICS COST?  WAY TOO MUCH.  Since Shakeology has a ton of pre/probiotics I was able to stop buying them. After only a week on shakeology I had ZERO of my stomach issues that I have been battling for years.  Just this benefit alone has changed my life! I am now a shakeo lifer!



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