Why I Quit the Gym…..for NOW!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I used to be a HUGE gym rat. At one point I think I had 5 memberships. I had my local YMCA gym that I went for spinning and when I just needed a cardio or a weight training workout, crossfit membership where I went 3-6 times a week, a very cheap gym near where I worked in case I could sneak in a workout during my break, a yoga membership, and a barre class pass. I’ve pretty much tried every fitness class there is and I was always wanting to try every new fitness fad.

When I got pregnant with my daughter (Juliana) now 9 months old I assumed I would be continuing with all my memberships. But slowly I cancelled most of these memberships. I couldn’t get to the gym near where I worked anymore, hot yoga was out because I was pregnant, and I wasn’t getting my moneys worth at crossfit anymore because I wasn’t going enough. So I had my local YMCA membership and my barre classes left.

My plan after my 6 week mark after having Juliana would be to go to the YMCA 3-5 times a week to get out of the house and take a class or run on the treadmill and lift.  The YMCA had a childcare center included in the membership so I could bring Juliana with me. I brought Juliana to the Y when she was 8 weeks old, I thought it would be great for me to get us both out of the house and I could get an hour to myself and get my workout in. I dropped Juliana off at the childcare center and felt sick. Not because I didn’t trust them, but I never left her with anyone other than family yet. I ran on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and then did some abs. I couldn’t wait to pick her up. The entire time I worked out my entire focus was on when I would be done so I could bring her home. After doing this a few times I realized I wasn’t enjoying my workout at all and it was giving me anxiety. Plus, by the time I got us both ready and had everything ready to go in her diaper bag she could possibly need and I drove the 10 minutes to and from the gym I realized I was wasting over an hour and a half of my day.

So I decided to look into some Beachbody fitness programs so I could just pop in a DVD and get my workout in on my own time in the comfort of my own home while Juliana was napping. I completed the entire PIYO 60 day program with a challenge group. I loved it because I could bring it anywhere we traveled and the program ranged from 18-49 minutes long, I had the support from a great group to keep me motivated and accountable for completing the 60 days.  There were definitely some days the 18 minute workout took me over 45 minutes because Juliana was fussy but I didn’t have that anxiety of leaving her.

I just finished up 2 rounds (working on my 3rd round) of the 21 day fix and I have seen better results with these programs than all of my gym memberships combined. And the best part is most of the workouts are 30 minutes long and I wake up in the morning get in my workout then I have the rest of the day to spend with my daughter. I do still go to barre and yoga when my husband is done work. I do these in addition to my beachbody program. Unfortunately I never know if I can attend these classes until right before I go because it depends on what time he is done work. But, I view these workouts as ME time where I can get out of the house and workout and not worry about Juliana because my husband is with her.

This is what works for me right now. I never thought a home fitness program would work for me, but things change when you have children.  I do miss the gym and crossfit atmosphere and I miss the relationships you build from working out in a group setting. Its definitely something I will get back into maybe when Juliana is a little older or in pre-school. But having access to amazing workouts with a great support system and not having to leave your house or get in the car is pretty amazing!!!!

Fill out a challenge group application if you are interested in trying a Beachbody program!

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