Coaching – A Sneak Peek

Live the life you were always meant to live and create a life you LOVE 


Every morning I get to wake up and determine MY work schedule. My husband and 3 girls will always comes first and my business second.  So I squeeze in business time during nap time, in the morning, at night when they’ve gone to bed and 10 minute free pockets during the day!

I started coaching 4.5 years ago when it fell into my lap.  I had just become a stay at home mom after quitting my teaching job of 9 years to stay at home with our 4 month old daughter Juliana.   I could NOT wait to be a stay at home mom, I remember feeling so blessed to be able to stay at home with her.  But as each week passed being a stay at home mom I felt like something was missing in my life.  I no longer had income coming in and we were down to ONE salary which was really stressful.   I felt really lonely & isolated as a new mom, none of my friends had kids yet.  And, I really missed that adult interaction, my work friends, and having something that was my own and that I was passionate about.  

Every time I asked my husband about going out on a date night, vacation, or weekend getaway he always responded with “We don’t have the money anymore!”  I knew we’d have to make sacrifices when I quit my job but I started to see a future of stress, living paycheck to paycheck, and depriving Juliana and our future children of a life I wanted for them! So I started to look into ways I could bring in some income and relieve some of the financial stress even if it just meant paying my cell phone bill and for a date night each month.  But, after a TON of googling and research I found that most opportunities either meant me having to put Juliana in daycare, hiring a babysitter or cost a lot of money that it would put even more financial stress on us!  

And then a friend mentioned coaching in a conversation and I wanted NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to do with it.  But for whatever reason I couldn’t get it out of my head so I started researching what coaching entailed, how we made $, what I would have to do, how much it cost, etc.  And what I realized after talking to my husband that this could really be a wonderful opportunity for me, it cost next to nothing to start, and was something I was super passionate about it.  I literally had NOTHING to lose!!! 

So I said YES having zero clue what I was getting myself into, I went in hoping to pay a few bills, some date nights and eventually maybe my car payment and even a vacation.  But once I started I realized this could be WAY more than that, this could lead to a full time income for our family. So I went ALL IN!! 

2.5 years later I was able to match my 9  year with a masters degree teaching salary, which still blows me away.  Its been anything but easy and its take a lot of sacrifice but its been so worth it.  

This opportunity cost me a total of $160 to get in and that includes EVERYTHING you need including a business and I now make well over 50x that original investment every single month.  

Im so thankful for what this opportunity has given me and its allowed me to have the BEST of both worlds.  Im able to be a SAHM mom to my 3 beautiful girls while creating a live we all love while saving for their future! 

My goal is to pass this opportunity onto as many Moms as possible, you deserve to have the best of both worlds too! 











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