Top 5 Tips for Getting Back on Track!!!!

Its NO secret that I had a pretty bad week in the wine department.  But sometimes this Mom just needs a glass EVERY single night.  The problem is that it goes straight to my stomach as much as I do NOT want to admit it!!!   So I’m taking this week to get myself back on track and hoping to find a happy balance with drinking wine in moderation!!!!


Tip #1- Get over it!!!!

Guess what???? EVERYONE has cheat meals, cheat weeks, cheat months.  Learn from it and MOVE on immediately, the longer you feel guilty about it the more likely you are to fall back in that same trap again.


Tip #2- Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

A lot of people confuse hunger with thirst.  You think you are hungry but you are actually dehydrated.  So load yourself up with water, add some lemons, limes, fruit, mint etc. to spice it up.  Plus will help you get some of those toxins out!


Tip #3- SWEAT!

Do a workout immediately!!!  If you are getting back on track that Monday… absolutely NO EXCUSES!!!!  You will feel so much better after working out.  I make it a rule to never miss a Monday.  Monday workouts set the tone for the entire week!


Tip #4- Healthy Breakfast

Start your day off right by eating a healthy breakfast. Shakeology is my go to healthy breakfast.  It has protein, 70 + vitamins/minerals, pre/probiotcs and digestive enzymes.  If you aren’t a shake person make sure you breakfast protein in it.  Protein is essential for help keeping you full and will help start your day off right!


Tip #5- Write out your workout schedule

I am a visual person so for me I need to see it.  Especially when I need to get back on track I write out my workout schedule on a calendar and then cross off each day as I complete the workouts.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment and I’m much more likely to do them if I’ve completed the other days of the week. I NEED to see those days crossed off!!!


Hope those tips help you get back on track.  If you are ever interested in joining one of my monthly fitness accountability group please fill out the application below!!!!

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